Attic Renovation – “Finished” !!

I put finished in quotes because I still have to install some trim and Gina wants to do something to pretty up the bulkhead door and for the continued reason that often times projects like this are never really completely done.  They haunt you forever…

Dad and I put the final parts of insulation in place and laid the final rows of cedar planks in this past weekend and the room is sealed and ready for use.  The insulation seems to be working well so far and the temps in the room seem to have regulated nicely.  We’ve had some cold days and warm days during the duration of this project and the temps in the space certainly aren’t like what they used to be.  You can really tell the difference when you open the new bulkhead door to the unfinished attic space.

I have to say I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.  This is by far the largest single DIY project I’ve undertaken starting in late January and wrapping up in late April.  It consisted of several phases and we hit very few snags along the way.  I really wish I had a true before picture of what this space looked like at the very beginning still with everything we had stored in it.  This very much seemed like an insurmountable task with all the crap we had in there.  But we were able to slowly pull a purge off and get rid of a lot of stuff we were holding on to for really no reason.  Long story short we are proud of ourselves.

Now we’ve got a much nicer space to store things, allow the cats to play / hangout, and a spare bedroom in a pinch.

Photo Apr 24, 2 23 15 PM

Photo Apr 24, 2 25 10 PM

Photo Apr 24, 5 43 15 PM