Attic Renovation – Floor, Ceiling & Electrical

I was able to keep my momentum going even with my renovation partner on siesta in Aruba.  I needed assistance / expertise from Tony on the electrical stuff I had in mind anyway so the original plan for the weekend was to just rewire the attic fan to run off of a switch. For some reason whoever installed the fan terminated the Romex directly into a plug adapter so to use the fan you had to plug the Romex into an outlet.  Seemed kind of stupid and looked pretty sloppy.

Got that taken care of very quickly with Tony’s help and with the extra time that morning I talked him into making a HD run to get plywood sheets for the floor.  I had been on the fence as to how to do the floor and finally settled on a simple plywood base and finishing things with the vinyl planks I have used twice in other rooms that we like.  Both for look and easy pet clean up.  Our animals puke a lot.

Photo Mar 12, 2 15 25 PM

The plywood actually went down fairly easily and I only had a few issues crop up with the room not being perfectly square.  It was a huge bit of unexpected progress for the day.  I also got some good ideas from Tony on how to handle the apex of the ceiling by using 1×12 planks with a bevel cut to sit flush with the ceiling joists.

Lucky for me Tony has every tool under the sun including an old school table saw that makes quick and easy work of a 40 degree bevel cut down the length of a plank.  I bought the planks midweek, got help from Tony making those cuts and was able to knock that out as well Friday morning before heading North for a ski weekend.

Photo Mar 18, 11 35 18 AM

I rewired the small existing light bulb fixture into a little track lighting set to modernize things a bit and get some additional lighting in there.  It was a bit tricky installing the planks solo but I pulled it off.  Pretty pleased with all the unexpected progress and with how things are coming together.