Attic Renovation – More Floor, Ceiling & Electrical

I kept debating on whether I should post on all these aspects again or just wait until they are all completely done….and then I realized I hadn’t posted in a while and work is still getting done so here are some updates.

The floor is completely done.  Went with vinyl planks because we like them and I know them.  I was a bit wary of going for the install solo because I have only ever done them as a two man crew.  But this room is (basically) square with very few special cuts required so I went for it.  I’m glad I didn’t wait because I ended up flying through it in about 4.5hrs total.  3hrs on day 1 to complete maybe 97% of it and then saved the final row that needed all the special cuts around the door etc. for day 2.  That is my tip with these…orient the rows to try to minimize any special cuts (lengthwise etc.) and if possible save them and do them fresh. i.e. not immediately after a full days work.

Photo Mar 27, 11 40 23 AM

I also finished off the electrical work I wanted to do by splitting the lighting of the two attic spaces into two separate switches.  Originally all the lights were controlled by one switch but with the spaces now split that seemed like a pretty big waste of electricity lighting the other space all the time when it didn’t matter.  I had picked up some electrical tips from Tony and based on some wiring diagrams I found online I figured I could handle it.

Photo Apr 02, 11 01 25 AM

I still always expect to get electrocuted and or fry something whenever I work with electrical though even when its something as simple as this.  I pulled it off and minus installing/wiring the switches upside-down at first there were no mishaps and everything works as intended.

Only thing left to finish now is the cedar planks and final insulation behind my pocket walls.  Planks have been purchased and we’ve started laying them in place.  I’m now into the time of year where I am balancing home owning with weekend ride time so I hope to finish the planks in the next week or two.  THE END IS IN SIGHT.

Photo Apr 09, 11 04 52 AM