I’ve gone from making beer to making spirits! Unfortunately this doesn’t mean I have a distillery in the basement now, it means Gina got me a homemade Gin kit for Christmas this year.  I had never heard of such a thing but I guess its pretty common.  In essence its a vodka infusing kit.  Gin is pretty much a neutral spirit (like vodka) flavored with juniper berries and a whole bunch of other herbs and the what not.


Super easy fun little project.  First step: buy 750mL of middle of the road vodka (I went with Smirnoff). Second step: dump juniper berries in the vodka and wait 24hrs, Third step: add herbs and wait 12hrs, Fourth step: Profit.


I actually ended up leaving the herbs in there for 24hrs instead of 12 because I forgot to strain the gin into the bottles in the morning and didn’t do it until that evening. With something like this I doubt it will make a huge difference but I guess I’ll find out.


This kit came with a cool metal funnel and a nice strainer that I will probably use again for other stuff around the kitchen and the little bottles it comes with are cool looking and could certainly come in handy down the road as well.

I can’t wait to show up at my next gathering with my own homebrew and my own gin. #hipster