New Keg Setup

Hello Americans!

It’s been awhile. I’m still trying to settle on what I write about here.  I don’t want it to be all bikes but that’s nearly all I do. Quandary. Luckily Crotchtown Brewing has had an infusion of action lately.  My parents arrival into the Granite State has given the “brewery” some pretty regular customers as well as some investment capital and renewed interest in having available local brew at all times.  Dad wanted to know why I wasn’t kegging and my answer was mainly that I never wanted to buy the required gear so he solved that problem and just like that Crotchtown has entered into the realm of draught beer.

We now have a real slick 2 keg / tap kegerator that holds two kegs and the CO2 tank and regulator all inside the fridge.  Didn’t take long to get everything figured out.  Only real part that took a bit of figuring was carbonating the first batch.  There is a formula you can go by but there are a lot of variables in play so we slowly stepped our way up until we found the right temp and pressure.  Once you get that figured out its pretty much just rinse and repeat from there.  Second batch was easy-peasy and the third is currently dry-hopping in secondary with a 4th batch waiting in the wings…A vanilla coconut Porter.

Photo Jun 25, 1 54 58 PM

racking to keg > filling 40+ bottles

Photo Jun 25, 2 08 12 PM

kegerator innards

Just recently we even jerry-rigged a mobile keg setup that I think is pretty rad and should probably be the standard for homebrewers looking to be mobile with their ‘Corni’ kegs.  Dad came up with the idea.  Just take a simple igloo drink cooler…the orange ones with the white tops and the spigot on the bottom.  You know, the ones that had Kool-Aid in them at Summer camp.  Cut a hole in the top so the top of the keg can stick out and voila! An insulated keg holder with room for ice that has carrying handles and is ready to travel.  You can even easily drain the water out the spigot once the ice melts to reduce weight after its kicked.

deep cuts

deep cuts



Cutting the hole was a bit of a trick but if you have a drill and a jig-saw its not too bad.  A file helps as well to take care of any burrs after cutting.  Just give yourself an extra 1/2in diameter so the keg fits through easily.  Can’t wait to try it out.  What’s the next thing I’m going to that needs 5 gallons of beer?